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A Ministry Update From Patrick

Hello readers!  As I’m sure you’ve already reached “notification fatigue” from every other website, organization, company, and friend regarding this current pandemic, I’ll try to keep this note as brief as possible. (Knowing me, “brief” might not be an appropriate word!) This is a wild time to work for a campus ministry. I know most

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Scientism, Metanarrative, and the Power of “Elfland”

“My first and last philosophy, that which I believe in with unbroken certainty, I learnt in the nursery. I generally learnt it from a nurse; that is, from the solemn and star-appointed priestess at once of democracy and tradition. The things I believed most then, the things I believe most now, are the things called

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How Do We Talk About Reprobation?

Whether you’re a fellow believer struggling to share your beliefs well or you’re merely interested in seeing how Christians answer this question, hopefully this post can help start the conversation.

God’s Faithfulness and “Random” Encounters

What a busy, joy-filled, tumultuous season of change these last few months have been! Though I only took three classes, my last semester of undergrad was surprisingly challenging. Of the some 130 pages I wrote from January to May, very few were products of my own volition and leisure. Most of my time and energy

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Patrick Preaching — “The Christian Life: It’s Okay to be Not Okay”

If I’m honest with myself, I’m not okay with being not okay. Don’t get me wrong. In one sense, this is holy…But there’s another way that not being okay with being not okay is evil and wrong. Instead of hating my sin, I tend to hate myself for sinning at all. I expect myself to be perfect—sinless—right now. Whenever I feel I’ve sinned, I’m thrown into despair. That’s wrong. Here’s why.

“Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy” & Addiction Recovery

If you’re curious as to what recovering from an addiction feels like, I recommend playing “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy,” or at the very least, watching a playthrough of the game. I understand how absurd it might sound to some of my readers when I claim that watching someone else play a computer game

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Concerning Charlottesville: A Word From A Proud Virginian

I am proud to be a Virginian. Virginia is incredibly beautiful. I have visited Ireland, Israel, northern Minnesota, Montana, Mexico, and Arizona. To this day I have yet to find a place more beautiful than the Shenandoah valley. Virginia has a rich history. The first college in America, William and Mary, was established in Williamsburg.

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Existentialism and the Grand Canyon

Existentialism—and philosophy in general—is simultaneously enticing and frustrating to me. I should be more clear. The discussion of philosophy; writing about it; thinking about it; answering questions; asking questions; considering ontology, epistemology, axiology, etc: these things keep me up at night in more ways than one. Sometimes I lie awake mulling over how I would

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