About Patrick and “Take Note Of This”

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Greetings, reader. Thanks for taking the time to explore my ramblings. Chances are we know each other if you’ve managed to find this website. If we don’t know one another, I’m glad you’ve found your way here. My name is Patrick Bondurant Quinn. I was born in October 1995 in Fairfax, Virginia. I’m a graduate of  Christopher Newport University, a former campus intern at CNU with Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), and a current student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. I love hiking and shooting sports. Chipotle is the foundation of my diet. My favorite color is vermilion (it’s like a really bright red).

Two of my greatest passions are teaching and writing. I’ve learned that my fingers are far better at expressing my thoughts and feelings than my mouth is. Several years ago, I discovered how cathartic journaling could be. The Notes app on my Mac has become a vast depository for my intellectual, emotional, and spiritual venting. Most of what I write is unorganized and deeply personal. Much of it is prayer. Occasionally, I came to the realization that I had written something coherent and suitable for others to read. Those thoughts then wound up here.

I started this website as a personal blog in 2015, originally titled “Thinking Through Airhorns,” and later “Life Through Contemplation.” My first post was about how terrible I am at naming things. The first two years consisted of sporadicly posting a wide range of material I had written—topics include Kierkegaard, parenting, biblical love, Pokemon Go, suicide, free will, and deathhack (the single greatest sport known to the species). Publishing my writing was a first step in learning vulnerability and trust, and helped connect me to a world I desperately loved and feared.

Slowly, my content shifted away from aimless ramblings, short stories, and dream journals and toward Bible studies, difficult faith-related questions, philosophical essays and more well-thought-out personal reflection. Whereas before posting to my blog was a sort of screaming into the void with an audience, I truly started to write with the intent that people would read my work. I wanted to contribute something to the world. I wanted to encourage others, to teach my readers about things I loved, and to bear witness to God’s work in my life. Most importantly, I didn’t want to do this alone.

Changing the name of my blog to “Take Note Of This” in 2017 was more than another rebranding (though that was sorely needed, “Life Through Contemplation” made me cringe every time I typed the URL). I had a vision for “Take Note Of This” beyond just my own writing. Sharing my heart and mind with anyone interested enough to read my writings had been such a blessing to me; I wanted to give others the chance to share their hearts and minds, too. I saw the potential for this website to be a shared space where fellow writers (or podcasters, or video-makers) could contribute their own content without having to create their own website.

That’s my dream for “Take Note Of This.” I want to see a community of passionate content creators come together to share their lives, wisdom, and stories with an audience who is eager to know, learn, and love. I hope that you find that exact kind of community here, whether you’re a writer yourself or only a reader. Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

With Christ’s love,

Patrick Quinn

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