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Where God Dwells: Understanding Temple (Part 1)

Temples still sit at the center of our cities and call us to a different kind of worship than what we offer at church. Though they look different than their ancient counterparts, they largely serve the same role—and even house the same gods. How can this be? What is a temple in the first place? And what exactly is it we’re all worshiping?

Scientism, Metanarrative, and the Power of “Elfland”

“My first and last philosophy, that which I believe in with unbroken certainty, I learnt in the nursery. I generally learnt it from a nurse; that is, from the solemn and star-appointed priestess at once of democracy and tradition. The things I believed most then, the things I believe most now, are the things called

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God Revealing Himself Through Narrative

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God is often referred to as the God of the Bible when He is contrasted to the gods of other religions. The Bible is the primary medium through which God reveals Himself to His people. Especially in protestant denominations, the Bible is considered to be the sole source of authority on

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Relationship Based Faith in Kierkegaard

Often referred to as a proto-existentialist or even the father of existentialism, Kierkegaard stood in opposition to the Hegelianism that dominated philosophical and theological thought in his own time. Under several different pseudonyms Kierkegaard published works that argued faith was the furthest one ought to go in life; faith should not and could not be

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Existentialism and the Grand Canyon

Existentialism—and philosophy in general—is simultaneously enticing and frustrating to me. I should be more clear. The discussion of philosophy; writing about it; thinking about it; answering questions; asking questions; considering ontology, epistemology, axiology, etc: these things keep me up at night in more ways than one. Sometimes I lie awake mulling over how I would

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Considering Beauty

Class today was surprisingly fulfilling. I thought for sure that ‘Search for Beauty’ was going to be the class I’d drop, but now I seriously doubt that. Dr. Redick came out swinging as soon as the clock hit 4:00. I barely had time to pull out a pen before he told the class to write

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